Friday, February 12, 2010

SNOW dammit!

First, let me say to all of my friends north of here, you might not want to read this. You might break something from laughing too hard, or snorting with disgust. Just to be safe, if your roof is in danger of caving in because of the weight of the snow, move on to another blog post.

OK, for those of you who are still here: it's supposed to snow today. One to SIX inches. (Six inches is about /------------------/ that much right?) I am sooo excited I'm having real trouble putting together this foreign earned income tax return. I haven't looked at the payroll tax deposit I ought to do. I am waiting for the snow, dammit.

I'm working, so I had to send my son out for milk and bread. He went yesterday, but that's what you do when it might snow --- go buy milk and bread. And beer, but that's just us. There hasn't been a flake, the temperature is about 39 degrees, and school gets out at 3 pm anyway, but they shut down the schools early. I love it.

Yesterday, I went looking for gloves. I want some basic Isotoner type gloves to keep me warm. Target had some cute bikinis that might keep one hand warm if I wrapped it real well, but no gloves. What's with that? We heard rumor of winter wear at the Family Dollar, so that's where the boys are heading now. Katy and I are waiting for a few flakes so I can close the office early and go home. Dangerous roads, you know. People driving while looking for snow flakes.

Oh well, I guess I have to wait. Let me get back to the damn payroll tax.
Stay warm.