Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Waking up

It has been two months since I blogged (can that be right?) and I'm going into a full-blown tax season rant.

Yesterday sucked.  Not because it was Valentine's Day & I didn't feel the love.  In fact, it was my dear husband deciding to take me (and Mark) for a romantic dinner for three that salvaged the day at all.  I had called to whine vent, and he said, "Let's go out tonight."

Yesterday sucked because it was Monday and I wasn't feeling great this weekend.  I didn't work on Saturday, so I knew I'd have the pile of everything with indecipherable notes on my desk.  I was right, and it took about and hour to sort through that before I got to the basic Monday crap.  But that isn't when the day started to suck.

It started when I took 45 minutes out of my getting ready for work time to write an email to my representative supporting the charter school bill in the SC House.  I couldn't just write "I support it," because I think it's complicated and important that I explain that charter schools are a part of the solution and not the end of public schools.  And so I wrote a well-thought out e-mail... ok, not the best, but better than average, and I sent it through the SC Legislature on-line website, and....

I got an automated message saying he doesn't read the e-mails but his constituents should call him at a phone number.  Where I would have two minutes to give my well thought out opinion, which would undoubtedly be ignored as well.  

And that made me mad all day, over and over, again.  I voted for that arrogant SOB in the primary and the general election (although I'm not sure he had opposition).  Which also makes me feel mad and powerless and frustrated.  Because what does he care if I vote for him?  He's supported by a narrow group of people who control enough votes in the single member district that he doesn't need to read e-mails or take phone calls. 

And that is what put the dark shadow on my day and made me feel miserable, helpless, and frustrated all damn day.

And today, if I let it.  But I think I'll drink another cup of coffee and read some blogs and not let this bother me today.