Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One down...

Lydia asked if I had 8 cats or if the extra four would have made eight. The answer is: I have 8 cats.

Koala is my blind 16 year old (I think) blue calico. Someone we knew was feeding her, but their cats didn't like her, so she needed a new home. Robert wanted a cat for his birthday. Since his birthday is in January, the animal shelter didn't have a lot. I don't think the guy understood I didn't want a kitten, but it worked out. Koala is a dear.

Before I could get her spayed, she had a litter. Her son Colby is with us still. Her daughters Maggie and Alyss live with my brother. Colby is yellow and white and does a fine imitation of a bear rug.

Joseph brought home Mars, who is getting spayed today. She is doing well, I hear from the vet's office. She has had too many litters. We have Taz, a black long-haired male.

And we have the four kittens, currently called Moosetracks (calico), Turtletracks (tortoiseshell), Charley (black and white), and Thierry (gray and white.) I don't want to keep them, but I've had bad luck giving away cats, except to relatives and close friends. They are full up right now.

So, I am going to have the kittens spayed or neutered, then find homes. At least then, I won't feel guilty about giving them away to make more and more cats. Even though they are beautiful and sweet, there are enough of them.


Lydia said...

Does this mean you have tentatively adopted the 4 kittens? You old softie! :o)

Kathy said...

No, it means that I am getting my kittens fixed before I give them away. We may end up keeping them, although Bob is pretty serious about leaving if at least some of the cats don't. Even my dad said I was going to turn into the Cat Lady of Forest Acres. I said that I don't live in Forest Acres.

I'll feel better giving them away if I know they are spayed or neutered and have their shots. It will be expensive, but here we are, huh?