Friday, February 13, 2009

Cursed with a magnetic personality

This is my horoscope from AOL for today:

Friday, Feb 13th, 2009 -- You are intellectually well-equipped today to manage even the most complex interaction with disparate groups of people holding on to different sets of interests. Normally, you might be inclined to throw in the towel and just let it all play out on its own. Now, however, you can maintain control while making it appear as if you don't have your hand in setting the new course.
Now, initially, you say, wow, that's good, especially for a service providing tax accountant on Friday the 13th. And it's always good to be intellectually well-equipped.

However, I have worked about 60 hours a week for the past month. That's not counting anything I might do for my sister's business, my family, the school, or myself. I am very very tired. And while I may be intellectually well-equipped, I really don't want to interact with a disparate group of people holding different sets of interests. I WANT to throw in the towel and let it play out on its own (which I would NOT do normally, thank you very much.) I want to complete payroll deposits, bookkeeping, sales tax, and if I'm not dead yet, some tax returns. The prospect of setting a new course is way overwhelming.

Oh well. Bring it on. Where is the coffee pot?


annie kelleher said...

awwwww... i hope you have a smooth, easy day!!! no glitches!!! no bad numbers~!!!!!!

Kim said...

hope everything balances, work runs smooth and you get some much needed rest and TLC! Hugs!!!