Friday, September 11, 2009


was my second grandson's first birthday. Brendon, or "BeeBee" as his brother Gabe calls him, was not really impressed when his GrandBob and Grammy snatched him from his bed to sing "Happy Birthday" before they went to work. I understand he was more excited about the mini-cup cake he ate after his dinner.

This is Brendon with his beautiful parents one year ago today.

This is Brendon in June. Now he is walking all over the place, getting into lots of trouble with the help of his big brother, 2-yr old Gabe.

I can see the future: Gabe and Brendon, the Irish twins, fighting each other and anyone who comes between them for the next hundred or so years.

Happy Birthday BeeBee!


Martha said...

What a cutie pie!! Happy Birthday to your beautiful grandson.

Anonymous said...