Wednesday, December 2, 2009

and so it goes...

I started cleaning my room yesterday, by which I mean, folding and sorting a huge pile of clothes. Aside from the clothes of the eight people who live here, I also have almost every clothing item I've ever owned, a whole bunch of children's clothes that don't quite fit anyone anymore, clothes with holes and stains, and sheets and pillow cases for way to many beds in sizes I don't need any more. I forgot to mention the towels. Bob has a set he got when he went away to college in 1978. I have a set I inherited from my Grandmother when she died in 1980, a set which she had probably bought in 1970. The flowers are wilted, for pete's sake.

Have I mentioned that I have a problem? And it may be true that recognizing that problem is the first step, it doesn't naturally follow that there will be a second step.

For instance: I did manage to get the outgrown clothes that are in good condition into bags to be delivered to Goodwill. They are on the carport. Where they have been since Halloween. I keep thinking I need to look through them again just in case there is something I still need.

For another instance: Instead of throwing away clothes with holes and stains, I have saved a bunch of them for "future craft projects." I saved a bra that is now see through and couldn't hold up a kiwi because I think I might use the silk-like material for the Virgin Mary's robe in the theoretical creche I'm thinking about making. Do you really think the Virgin Mary would dress in an old bra?

For a final instance: I have lots and lots and lots of t-shirts. I love t-shirts. Some of these are t-shirts that used to belong to my older sons. I've saved them for Mark, who for some reason will not wear them. Something about "Power Rangers" no longer being cool.

Oh well.

Today I am going to put those bags and a couple more in the car and take them to Goodwill. I will not buy more clothes at Goodwill, no matter how cute & in what great condition they are in. (Unless I see another suede jacket for $10 like the one I passed up last year because it didn't fit me or anyone I know and maybe I should have bought anyway...)

Today I am going to go to Lowe's and get the small screws, gaskets, and doo-dads I need to fix the little things around the house. (OK, the things I need to have Robert fix the little things around the house.)

Today I am going to make gumbo. (That's pretty easy. I threw it in for a gimme, you know?)

Today I am going to relax.


Anonymous said...

LOL I can SO identify -- just yesterday took step one: bagged about a thousand old T-shirts -- am still waiting for step two to appear.
You are such a great writer!

Anonymous said...

PS how did the gumbo turn out?