Thursday, August 19, 2010

Decade of what?

I am planning to make my 50s the decade of joy, but so far it's the decade of "get the hell out of my way or I'll hit you with a bat."  I'm hoping this will change soon.  Maybe I'll just sit here and rest a spell.

There are already really good things.  I joined the gym and went for awhile.  I'll probably start going again soon.  An old friend made contact after 12 years.  Well, 12 since we talked and about 22 since we've seen each other.  It is really good to hear from her.  I think we both are awakening at 50, but I might be presuming there.  I think I mentioned that I sometimes feel as if I was in a coma for about 20 years, beginning to come alive again at about 40.

The things that are dragging me are the same old things.  Nothing dramatic, nothing I can fight head on, really.

My computer broke.  I'm using an inspiron mini (which seemed like such a cute idea when I bought it).  I'm hoping the desk top will get fixed soon.  Especially since my youngest son is in an on-line virtual charter school.  Computers that you can actually see are really important here.

My dishwasher broke.  I hear it's been fixed.  That's good because I was about to take all of the dishes upstairs and give them a shower.  And by all the dishes, I mean ALL the dishes.  Since my sink drains through the dishwasher, I couldn't even use the kitchen sink without flooding my floor.  Serious bummer.

Mark and I are painting the study/classroom.  I have high hopes for organization when it's done (tomorrow, I hope.)  I often say I can be organized in one area of my life at a time.  I usually pick work.  Now I need to be organized in work and Mark's school.  I am almost wondering if it would be that bad if he went to a school that teaches Charlotte's Web in its 6th grade honors English class.  But then I remember that SC funds its public colleges and universities at about 10% so the tuition to even state colleges is more than the value of my house.  Scholarship, baby.

And then there are the shenanigans at his old school, where a selfish board refused to approve contracts for three teachers (the day AFTER school started) but did find the time and money to buy pretty report card covers and a wand with which to put up school achievements.  Since the twits fallible human beings won't acknowledge the great job of the director and teachers who are committed to multi-age, child-centered, inquiry-based education, I'm not sure what they want to put on the sign.  (The school has made Adequate yearly progress two years in a row, and last year's 6th grade (Mark's class) led the entire district among 6th grade classes.)

I'm thinking that a trip to the gym might not be a bad idea.  Or maybe I'll go upstairs and paint a room, then organize my really cool school supplies.

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