Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eating and personality styles

I am taking a class at St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church about Life Gifts... life gifts, spiritual gifts, personality, values; and how to use them for God and community and ourselves.  Last Sunday, we talked about the Myers-Briggs scale.  In the past, I've thought that I was INTP --- introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving.  That means I get energy from being alone, I am a big picture information gatherer, I use logic and reason over feelings, and I like it loose and easy in the scheduling department.  I have recently decided that while I do value reason and logic, I usually go with Feeling.  I want everyone to be happy and get along, and work to make that happen.  Sometimes, especially if I'm around a whole lot of Fs, I have to channel the T and say "OK, that's enough whining, 'getting your feelings hurt' is not covered by worker's compensation."

Yesterday, when I was writing on my eating blog about how I came to Eating the Angel Way, I wrote that I used to eat to make others happy.  OK, I still do sometimes.  I was in line at a covered-dish lunch and the lady next to me said, "I made the beet and Brussel sprouts casserole."  So, of course, I put some on my plate.  Also, I'll take the food that no one else has tried yet, because I don't want the cook to be hurt.  Although I draw the line at fried chicken (WHAT?  EVERYONE LOVES FRIED CHICKEN!  WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU?)  I've eaten sausage biscuits I didn't want because someone offered it to me, donuts, cake, hamburgers... you name it (except fried chicken).  Why is that?  Because I'm an F!  I eat like an F!

Is that cool or what?

Which made me think of some other things about food and eating and personality styles.

For instance, as an NP, I love Eating the Angel Way, except the food diary.  I wonder how a Sensing, Judging person (who would want an orderly, step-by-step process) would deal with ETAW?  Oh wait, I've seen it.  They keep the food diary religiously, then put their colors of food in a chart (I do love me some excel) and then plan how to eat a rainbow and white light food every day. 

Is that cool or what?

I wonder how other traits affect the way we eat? 

I eat more when I have to be around people and don't get my quiet time.  If I don't get my solo-energy boost, I have to get it from food.  Preferably cheesy mashed potatoes.  I wonder if Extroverts eat more if they are stuck by themselves?

I bet somebody has thought of this.  I think I'll use my LifeGift of research and check it out.  I'll let you know what I find.

Eat well, drink water, keep your feet warm.

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