Friday, January 18, 2008

Tax Season

When my youngest son was little he thought there were five seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall and tax season. He still gets a sort of sad look when I say it's almost tax season. It means I won't be at his school every Friday. Every other Saturday morning is shot (although I never do much on Saturday anyway.)

But I get excited. I start planning for tax season in November. OK, sometimes I start planning in May. We have a pretty good system set up, but I like to tweak it. I think about the process, the checks & balances, the filing system. Every year, we get better.

But with the other things that continue to go on in life --- love, children, housework, tax season leaves very little time for creative activity. All energy goes into living and taxes. I guess that's metaphorically true of everyone, huh?


Anonymous said...

An intensity in life - taxes.

annie kelleher said...

wow.... planning for tax season in MAY???? you have no idea how scary i find that!!!!!!!! LOL..hope this years is smooth as warm maple syrup flowing downhill on labor day :)!

Hobbit said...

*sigh* tax season.... :o(