Thursday, January 31, 2008


I am in dire need of a snow storm or a bad cold --- metaphorically, at least. I don't want the power to go out & I don't want to feel miserable. I want an excuse... no, an absolutely unquestionable essential need to take a couple of days off and do nothing.

I want to go to the library and check out a stack of books that have no socially redeeming quality other than entertainment. Nothing thought-provoking, heart-breaking, or life-altering. Nothing with big words I don't already know. Maybe even something I've read before a few dozen times.

I want to go to the grocery store and buy canned soup, cheddar cheese, and artisan bread. Maybe some apples and oranges. And green tea bags, bottles of diet Coke, and LIMES.

I want to get my lavendar sugar scrub,vanilla shea butter lotion, and ginger bath salts.

Then I am going to make some tea and soak in the tub until the water will no longer run hot, my feet are pruned, and my children are banging on the door yelling that they have to pee and Dad just used the downstairs bathroom, so it will be a long long time before they will go in there.

Then I am going to put on my fluffy robe that my mother in law gave me for Christmas and my wooly socks that I crocheted for myself when I got cold and crawl into bed. I will drink tea and diet Coke with lime, eat cheese sandwiches, canned soup, and oranges, and read books with no redeeming social value.

Then I will get up and go back to work, to family, to play. And I will be smiling.


Hobbit said...


That sounds wonderful -- can I join you? Or maybe take myself to an adjoining bedroom. BTW, I hope you heat the soup first...

Jolynn said...

I think we should all do it in separate hotel rooms and then meet together to snack and drink our diet Coke with limes and tea (well, no tea for me) and laugh and watch a wonderful movie and just escape from the world. :o)