Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best laid plans

Last weekend I hibernated. I read two books, soaked in the tub, rubbed on vanilla lotion. It was probably a good thing, because my week was terrible. One small crisis after another. Rather than get anything DONE, I put out fires, outlined regulations to prevent future fires, talked to a whole lot of people, researched minutia, and ran gratefully out the door at 5:00 Friday.

Saturday, I was sick. I thought was a hangover, even though I've had more to drink and felt better. But it was more than that. I had fever, chills, a headache so severe I couldn't lift my head, nausea. As I threw up the last bit of bile in my stomach, my kitten Taz gently put his paw on my arm. I took it as a sign of comfort, although I'm sure he was saying, "Please quit messing up my water bowl."

Today, I feel better but not great. I can move my head, I ate cereal, bananas and oranges. I still have chills and I think I'll crawl back to bed now. One more fire to put out, then off I go.

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