Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It is said that one shouldn't make big decisions during a crisis or time of stress. I'm not sure what that leaves, because I'm finding it hard to make decisions in the aftermath of stress time. I guess I need a vacation.

Tax season is over, and I am immediately hit with my LIST OF THINGS TO DO AFTER TAX SEASON. Clients, bless their hearts, do not understand that although I don't plan to wait until October 31 to do their tax returns, I need a freaking break, and no, bringing in a box of stuff April 12 did NOT give me enough time to get it done by April 15.

My house needs attention pretty soon. My new car needs an oil change (it actually tells me these things, which is sort of cool.)

I have planted some seeds in my incomplete accidental garden, but I don't have the cash flow I'd expected at this time of year and can't buy more plants right now. If the seeds I bought earlier grow, that will be nice. A surprise, of course, since my gardening method is to plant stuff and go away. I'd like to buy some tomato plants to plant in pots around the deck. Maybe the cash flow will improve next month.

Part of my cash flow problem is related to the purchase of a study program for the enrolled agents exam. I think it is a good investment. I've started working on it, and plan to finish the exam (three parts) by the end of July. July 30 is my birthday, so I've set that as a goal date.

I am torn right now. I can go to work a little (helping the cash flow and making some clients happy) or I can clean my house (helping my psyche and getting rid of that unpleasant odor in the garbage can beside my chair.)

I feel like a revving engine stuck in the mud. Where to go? Will I get moving before I run out of gas? And will someone please take out this dang trash can?

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