Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday was my father's 77th birthday. Today, we are having a party for him. Many friends and relatives are coming from all over to be here. It will be a wonderful party.

His two sisters are coming, along with his sister-in-law. Two or three of our cousins will be here. Old friends from Dad's work at USC will stand with students he has taught over the years.

I am making mini-cheesecakes. Jello no-bake cheesecakes. Back in the day, before we discovered baked "New York style" cheesecake, that is what we thought of as cheesecake. My father always had it for his birthday cake. For today, I bought a cheesecake sampler with rich baked cheesecake, but I am making the mini-Jello cheesecakes. The cakes will be served with a choice of toppings --- chocolate chips in chocolate syrup, fresh strawberries in melted jam, and caramel with pecans.

My other contributions to the party meal are also old standbys. Cocktail sausage in barbeque sauce (recipe: open package of mini-cocktail sausages; pour in a bowl with a bottle of Shealy's mustard based barbeque sauce; nuke til hot), Saucisse en croƻte (pig in the blanket), and deviled eggs. My brother will make the fancy stuff: pesto torte & other stuff I can't spell but which will taste good. My sister is providing the place and contributing meatballs, veggie platter, and chicken salad.

A good time will be had by all, I am sure.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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Lydia said...

Parties, celebrations, sharing time and food with those we like and don't like, those we love and don't love - these are things I miss about where I am now. Very few things to celebrate and it's done differently to me. Oh, well. Here I am and here I'll be. Thank God I can read these blogs and feel close to people who are far away. :o)