Tuesday, November 18, 2008


When you take off Monday to do everything you haven't had time to do in the past ten years, Tuesday becomes Monday, only worse.

Yesterday, I cleaned the public areas of my house, explored the Goodwill store (three sweaters, two shirts, a vest that doesn't fit, three soup mugs, and a diffuser for $29), went to lunch with Bob and Joseph, made and ate chili, gathered recipes for Thanksgiving stuff and Christmas cookies, and read Good Housekeeping Magazine. I also watched Chuck, which was irritating, except Casey, who is always amusing. And I so knew that bimbo ex-girlfriend was a bad spy. Doesn't she look like Sarah Palin? That can't be good.

Today I am faced with a bunch of notes on my desk, most of which could have been handled by someone else if someone else cared to think about it. I have taken care of some basic things like sales tax, but set aside serious bookwork in favor of cleaning the office in preparation for tax season. Maybe I'm just in a cleaning mood. I may just need to inhale some lemon fresh Lysol cleaner and get on with my life.


annie kelleher said...

moesday!!! i LOVE it!!! (does that give you fraturday, for when you take off fridays?) :))))

Lydia said...

I always think being off on Monday makes the week-end so much better. But makes the work week worse. Moesday is great. Just like its creator! :o)

Kathy said...

Since I don't work Friday, except during tax season, I have Thriday on Thursday. I do work this Friday, though, so I guess it will just be Friday.