Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday morning ice and shine

I sit here at the computer this bright icy morning. Even the sun seems to shine with a frozen brightness, giving light but not heat.

I am told we will have a mild winter. I am thinking I was told wrong. For those of us here in South Carolina who don't expect the temperature to hit the 20s until February if at all, there is nothing mild about 21 degrees in November. Before Thanksgiving. What's with this?

I have spent too much time on Facebook this morning... my new addiction, which is eating up the time I used to spend on my old addictions: blogs & solitaire. I am thinking about what I need to do today and what I want to do.

I am planning to make two pumpkin cheesecakes today. One for each of my offices. I still need to copy and put together the board manuals for the Carolina School for Inquiry board. And I'd like to clean my bedroom --- at least a little.

Oh well... wish me luck.


annie kelleher said...

pumpkin cheesecake?? YUMMMMO!!!!! do you use a gingersnap crust? :)

Kathy said...

Yes, gingersnap crust. And if I feel really special, I make maple whipped cream for the top. Hmmm... maybe I can make something like maple ice cream.

Anonymous said...

my suggestion for a perfect cheesecake: take up knitting