Monday, June 1, 2009

Greetings from Hilton Head, South Carolina

I am at Hilton Head for the week. I seem to have a wireless connection right now, which is good because I'm addicted to the internet. I tried to send a blog post from my Blackberry, but after about a half an hour of furiously thumb typing, I got confused, pushed the wrong button and lost everything. Oh well, it was crap anyway, since I'd been stunted by the medium.

This is the walk that Bob, Gabe, Roslyn & I took this morning. The tree is a live oak, a wonderful tree that clings to the ground with branches that look like they were made for a tree mansion.

We walked about a quarter mile down the beach, which is pretty impressive considering that Gabe is only 18 months old. This is his first beach trip where he really knows he is at the beach.

Yesterday, Gabe, Brendon, Katy & I built a little sandcastle. Brendon was sitting in the title pool, as happy as a 7 month old clam in the world's biggest muddy sandbox. I saw a family looking at him, and was taken aback to see that the teenage girl looked disgusted. How can someone look at my grandbaby like that? I thought. Then I looked a Brendon, who had a full beard of sand and drool coming from his mouth. Well, you know what they say, got to eat a peck of dirt...


Martha said...

Teenaged girls are so Clueless. What great pics and such a cutie pie your grandbaby is.

annie kelleher said...

how cute!!! it looks like a wonderful place... hope you all enjoy!!!!