Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day of the Rest

I am taking today off from my two paying jobs.

"Yeah!" you say, "Kathy is going to spend the day reading our blogs and making witty and insightful comments, uploading photos to Facebook, upgrading her Facebook farmer to level 30, and writing in her innumerable blogs so we can know all of the trivial things that have been going on her life as well as her brilliantly thought out opinions on education, health care, and food."

I'm sorry, I may have to disappoint you.

I have taken the day off to: clean my house and do the accounting work for my third paying gig.

I decided that if I did not take A DAY and just freaking clean the house, I would go insane. And yes, I know I have Friday off. And Saturday. And part of Sunday. It just wasn't working for me.

Originally, I decided to take the day off because Mark's teacher was going to visit us this evening. And when she had to postpone until next week, Bob and I decided not to share this information with the rest of the inmates family. And so, as far as anyone is concerned, Miss S is coming to visit today, and we are doing a level 1 cleaning: making the living areas look good as long as you don't go peeping in the cabinets.

Once level 1 is achieved, we'll begin level 2: cleaning rooms that most people (other than my incredibly ballsy sister-in-law) don't visit. Level 3 is the long and arduous cleaning of cabinets, closets and the room that is piled high with things I'm (at the moment) psychologically unable to get rid of. I have high hopes for the weekend, at least as a beginning.

Having said that, I think I'll see if I can level up my FB farmer over another cup of coffee before I tackle the dishes...

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Kim said...

Good for you! As my youngest daughter asked for the third time what we were doing today I lost it. Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. I have not been home for months it seems and I would find it relaxing to be sitting in a clean house. Oh, I am so ready for school to start and the real cleaning out to begin.