Saturday, August 8, 2009

Early is as early does

We had planned to get an early start this morning, but with a birthday dinner & visits with long distance family and (of course) working on the farm until midnight, I woke up at 9. I felt great, which is a little surprising for a Saturday morning. (Note to self: nine hours sleep).

We are going over to our old house, the one we couldn't sell after renovation, the one my son and his family moved into, the one in the 'hood. We are giving it another shot. Today, Bob, Robert, Joseph, and I will go over and evaluate, buy products, and clean. And of course, yard work, before Mike the housing inspector comes by with his weekly summons. By the end of the week, we want it cleaned, repaired, and painted. We may plant annuals, but it takes so many to make a difference I don't know if we can afford that.

We are not trying to make a killing on this house, just sell the damn thing. I hear that the market is improving, but I don't know if the lower-end housing market has heard that yet. Although the house has real brick and real hardwood floors, it was built in a time where one bathroom was plenty. At some point, someone added a half bath in the "master" bedroom, but took away a half a closet in the process. So it has a small closet and small bathroom, neither one of which is really adequate. The yard is big with beautiful trees --- oaks, maples, crepe myrtle and dogwood. There is a wisteria vine that may take over the house, but the flowers smell wonderful. It really is a nice house. Too bad the neighborhood sucks.

You can see why we are hiring a real estate agent. I'm a great sales person.

One step at a time... today is clean and clean. As soon as the rest of my posse gets their heinies out of bed.

Get up! I'm up, dammit! You can be up!

Wish me well.


Martha said...

Good Luck w/selling the house! Wish me luck selling my old minivan next week! Get up Folks, Kathy needs your butt outta bed.

annie kelleher said...

oh my i feel your pain!!! hope your house sells... we'll be having settlement in a week or so and i will think happy real estate thougths for you!!! xox... annie

Kim said...

Good luck selling the house. I'm sure the right buyer will come around.

Anonymous said...

Good luck selling!!