Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's with people?

I haven't been blogging or reading blogs much lately. The stress thing. And the Facebook farm/cafe/yoville/aquarium obsession...

But in the past few months, most recently this week, a couple of the blogs I read have been temporarily (I hope) shut down because the blogger shared her very personal thoughts and was blasted by ugly commenters. In one case another blogger used her situation to write a whole mean blog about her. Since both of these people seem to be kind, funny, good spirited people, I don't understand what compels people to blast them in blogs. (Not to say that being biting & funny is a request to be blasted either.)

Blogs are public, and we know that when we push the button that says, "Make blog public." We know we lay ourselves out for comments. We know we risk pissing off relatives and friends and co-workers and anybody else who stumbles in. Thanks to recent court cases, we know that we are liable for evil things we say about others, even if we think there are only 12 people including the French guy who wants to sell Viagra on our blog reading what we write.

But, within reason, blogs are our little rant spaces. We can share what we feel without tempering it with good girl (or boy) voices that run our lives.

You know, the ones that say, "I'm sure she had a good reason to invite everyone in class to her party except you. Don't judge her harshly." Or, "Be happy for Sally for winning the contest you both entered." Or the one I really hate, "I cried because I had no shoes until I met the man with no feet." OK, it sucks not to have feet, but at least his feet aren't cold. It also sucks to have no shoes.

Sometimes you have to let go and say, "This is how I feel and I don't care to look at anyone else's point of view. So shut up." Sometimes you have to say, "Some people may have it worse but I don't care, I feel crappy. So shut up."

Blogs should be that place.

And, here's the kicker... if you don't like what you read... don't read it. Move on to one of the thousands of blogs in the world. Don't kick people when they are down. Don't slap people who have shared their own sorrow. Leave my buddies alone, dammit!

However, if you want to write nasty comments about this blog, go ahead. I've got plenty of gin. I can handle it.


Martha said...

Some people are so intolerant.
Your blog, your rules.
I send my best, Kathy.

Kim said...

Really, if someone doesn't like your blog - move on.

I enjoy your blog and wish you well. Hugs!!!

Brandy said...

I never understood the drama that exists on blogs. I think the people that leave negative comments are just negative people. Honestly, I've come across blogs where I didn't agree with their post or couldn't relate to what they wrote. In those cases I either write my thoughts with respect OR just write nothing.

I mean really if you don't like it, then just click the "x" in the corner. No need to bash someone.

Anonymous said...

pass the gin