Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moving right along... again...

Is it interesting that I said I would avoid whining self-indulgence for Lent, and haven't written another post since then?

Moving right along...
Have you heard the stories of the three Jesuses?  A (probably) famous psychiatrist worked at a mental institution where three patients believed they were Jesus.  He thought it would be interesting (and amusing at cocktail parties) if he put the three men in a room to see how they would handle the conflict.  Obviously they couldn't ALL be Jesus.  Obviously this was done before ethics rules stopped psychiatrists from screwing around with patients for fun and profit. 

Anyway, the three men talked for awhile and the psychiatrist was disappointed (I made that up) to see they weren't really upset.  And so he talked to each of them separately and asked how can you be Jesus if he thinks he's Jesus? 

Well, this seems kind of obvious to me, which makes me wonder about my sanity.  Each man maintained that he was Jesus and that the other men were nuts.  And each man forgave the others and prayed for their well-being.

I'm not really sure why (which also makes me wonder about my sanity), but that story seems to be really important to my life right now. 

Oh well.  One and a half more weeks of Lent.  Three more weeks until the end of tax season. 


Kim said...

As an accountant I maintain that I am sane and they are all nuts. And all I do is prepare the info for the tax accountant. My clients not happy with what the tax accountant says call me to see if I can change it. One asked if I could reclass his sons entire school tuition that he paid out of the business to a donation.

Kathy said...

Yes, we "lost" a client who asked why he is making more money with us doing his business taxes than with his old accountant. I suggested it was because his old accountant let him take nights out on the town with his buddies (which he TOLD me were not business related) as business expenses. He said to "fix it." Um.. no.. I so do not look good in khaki jumpsuits, picking up trash in the heat of a SC summer.

Anonymous said...

you are definitely working too hard