Friday, April 16, 2010

A new year

Tax season is over and I have a chest cold.  I have spent the last couple of months saying I couldn't get sick until after tax season, and it appears my body has taken me literally.

My husband asked what my schedule is for today and I tried to give him a look, but went into a coughing fit.  My schedule is to (1) go to work to see if any e-files were rejected (there were two) and fix them, (2) go to the store and buy paper and cd labels so I can make covers for Bob's cds, and (3) go home and go to sleep.  I'm at step two and a half: reconnecting with the blogosphere.

After I sleep awhile and enjoy a happy hour knowing I don't have to go to work in the morning, there are lots of things to consider.

My work situation is changing.  Not me, but the job.  We may move offices, combine spaces, enlarge.  I need to decide what I want my place to be and how I can ensure that.  You can tell I'm not ready to talk about it.  Sleep.

I have signed up for an online course to prepare for the enrolled agents exam.  Next year, all paid tax preparers will need to pass some sort of test.  I might as well go for the biggest one I'm interested in.  I plan to take the first course, then take the first part of the test.  At the beginning of next month, if I like the course, I'll sign up for the second part & for the second part of the test.  Part three is ethics and only a week instead of three weeks.  Telling, huh?  I passed the ethics part of the exam without any problem, but I want to be completely comfortable.  I should be finished with the three parts of the test by July, then I will do whatever else I need to do to become an enrolled agent.  (I hope I pass the background check.)  And BAM! next year I will be a professional tax preparer with a set of initials behind my name.  Cool huh?

Then I can think about why I have choosen a career that makes me miss spring.  (I heard it was a nice day this year.)  I'll think about how Mark came running from the house yesterday and said, "Mom!  Tax Season is OVER!  YEAH!!!!"  I'll think about developing coping mechanisms that don't involve yelling at people I love and eating large amounts of fried food.  But that can wait.  I think I'll go check up on my blogging friends... how have you all been?

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Kim said...

Welcome back! Hope you feel better soon.