Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gray rainy mornings in Columbia

It is gray and a little rainy.  I think there is a chance of thunderstorms.  You may think I'm strange, but I love this weather.  It feels comfortable, like an electric blanket with a frayed cord.  OK, that's a little strange, but I was thinking about the possible thunderstorms.  I love thunderstorms.  I've missed them over the winter.  I don't think it's hot enough for a really good storm, but I'm feeling tingly just thinking about it.

My mood is like this weather.  Gray and damp, waiting to see what is going to happen.  Is that enough blue to make a pair of cat's pajamas?  Is the sun going to come out?  Will it be bright and sunny by the time I get to work?

Are those real storm clouds?  Will we have a thunderstorm, finally, to break the tension of the almost rain? 

Is it because this is the last week of school and I still think like a student/teacher/parent when it comes to the calendar?  Is it because tax season is over, but I still haven't caught up and I have a pile of tax returns that people wanted yesterday?  Is it because Mark is leaving his school but I still hope that the school will go on?  Is it because a lot of people "need" me, but it's not like I'm a rocket scientist and there aren't other people who can do the job just as well, and I really don't know what I do want to do?  Is it because I'm not sure about finances, family, friends? 

Oh Wow, I need a thunderstorm.


Kim said...

Nothing like a good thunderstorm to shake things up and clear away a cobweb or two.

Hobbit said...

I kind of miss the T-storms of the east. But we have had a few here in NM, too.

Anonymous said...

if only the weather could really answer all those questions for us!