Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

I have never had a big thing for mother's day.  I used to buy my mother stuff, usually books.  We'd have dinner at her house.  When I got married and had children, we still went to Mom's for mother's day.  When I suggested that I was a mother too and might want something different, Mom ignored me.  Which, I suppose, she should have.

And so, with no expectations, Mother's day is usually pretty good for me.  Yesterday, all three of my children and the two grandsons were here.  Robert gave me a rose a couple of days ago.  Joseph & Robert bought me some bromeliads (I'd asked for Rolaids... just kidding) and a palmetto plant.  Mark gave me gifts for my facebook farm (is that sad or what?).  All was good.

We went to church in the morning, then to my brother's in the afternoon.  Johnny & Bill will be leaving for Europe before Mark's birthday, so we celebrated yesterday.  Barbecue and ribs from a local restaurant I won't name.  It was open on Sunday.

The kids, Ellen & Bob swam. It has been in the 90s but yesterday it was maybe 75.  And the water was cold.  Roslyn, in particular, is an ice baby.

And of course, I dreamed about Mom, and it was a good dream.  I don't think it was too exciting or traumatic.  I think we were having a party at her house and everyone we've known for the past 50 years came through.  And then I cleaned up. 

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