Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Calm of Order

Today was a day of realigning my brain. I have been out of order, so I had to adjust my mind to normal.

I started by an uplifting visit to my son's school. I saw great friends, helped out with a newsletter, talked about projects, and generally felt the love. No matter how yucky I feel, I can be cheered up by a visit to Carolina School for Inquiry.

So with a cheery attitude, I drove to work. I found that some of my clients had brought me documents I've been needing for about 6 months. Bless them, I was able to whip out 6 months of bookwork in 20 minutes in one case and a couple of hours in another. That feels good, even if I know I did most of it months ago. I could complete the month, print the reports, copy, file. It is complete. It is orderly.

The routine tasks have helped me rejuvenate in a way I don't usually expect. It reestablished the patterns and my mind was able to settle down. Now I am ready for the big things. Maybe. Tomorrow. Today I am serene.

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annie kelleher said...

ooh, what a great feeling... im off to clean my rugs before my trip to boston!!! serenity... here i come :).