Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 10: Welcoming the Baby to Be Named Later

I don't know if I've mentioned that my son and daughter-in-law were expecting a baby. If I did, I probably mentioned that they knew it was a girl. They had three ultrasounds because of some small problems during the pregnancy. Each time, they asked the doctor, is it a boy or a girl? He said a girl. Since Gabe was supposed to be a girl too, but was outed on his second ultrasound, Katy said, "Are you sure?" The doctor was sure. They painted the nursery, got pink stuff, picked a beautiful name: Aliya Jade.

So imagine their surprise when Aliya Jade was born on September 10 and turned out to be a boy. Really.

Boys are great, I have three myself. And a grandson. And now another, which is wonderful. Poor Robert & Katy didn't know what to call him, though. Katy kept saying "They aren't going to let me take my baby unless I name him." I suggested Ali, but that was ignored. Finally, they decided on Brendon Alexander. A fine, strong name.

Welcome to the world, Brendon Alexander! Don't worry about the pink pajamas. It's preppy.

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Hobbit said...

I don't think Brendon will mind the colors much -- until he "knows" what they "mean." Personally, I think that whole color thing is a crock. I used to go for greens & yellows when I was buying baby shower stuff.