Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 8: I told you I was sick

I have mentioned that I am a hypochondriac, right? And knowing this, I try to avoid doctors. I'm pretty sure they spot my hypochondria (and excellent health insurance) immediately and start ordering tests while calculating the down payment on a new vacation home.

Now, I should be going to the doctor regularly. I have a very good doctor who isn't trying to send her kids to college on my hypochondria. She is getting enough from my hypothyroidism & high blood pressure. Since I do have seriously low thyroid levels and seriously high blood pressure, you would think that being a good hypochondriac, I'd go to the doctor and take my pills.


So when my prescription finally ran out during tax season, I didn't make a new appointment. After tax season, I still didn't make the appointment. I was feeling sort of guilty and stupid, which were appropriate feelings.

I woke up Monday morning at 1:30 am with a pain in my ear. It got worse, and I went to the Doctor's Care on Monday, thinking I wouldn't get in to my regular doctor's office anyway. I spent three hours in the waiting room. I had thought I was prepared, since I had a Henry James novel to finish. I finished it. I asked if they'd forgotten me. I read several old magazines. When I got into the examining room, my blood pressure was 180/117, which is high, even if you consider the three hour wait. My ear problem was 40 years of impacted ear wax and a sinus infection.

I made an appointment with my regular doctor who was able to see me on Wednesday. She said, in a very nice voice, "Why don't you take your medicine, do you want to die?" I said not really. I am taking my medicine, eating better, and will exercise after I see my doctor again and make sure I'm not going to stroke out on the road. I have appointments with my regular doctor for a physical and with an Ear, Nose, & Throat doctor to remove 40 years of impacted ear wax. God knows how many houses I am buying.

I am feeling better, but not great. I am pathetically proud of myself for taking my medicine everyday for a week. I am doing what I have to do to see my grandchildren's weddings. Or even my children's weddings.

And I told you I was sick. So there. Please hand me a cold compress.

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