Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 12: Happy Birthday Bob!!!

In all of the excitement of illness, babies, baby showers that turned into baby welcome parties, hurricanes, earaches, and rampant bouts of hypochondria, I'm afraid my Sweetie's birthday was missed. Since we believe in long birth celebrations --- a full month at least, we will make it up.

Bob and I have a mixed marriage. I was the rebellious child of extremely tolerant, liberal, card-carrying members of the ACLU and the Democratic Party. The only way I could think to piss them off was to date Republicans. It kind of threw them when I actually married one. However, it turns out that my parents are tolerant even of Republican son-in-laws. In fact, my parents loved to argue with him. Dad still does, which is interesting since Dad has freed his inner communist.

After 23 years of marriage, we don't talk politics much, since I like home to be a peaceful place, loud boy noises aside. Bob loves to argue, and wants to argue with me, not just my parents. Once a year (or really once every four years, since we only argue during presidential election years) I give him politics for his birthday. I sit and argue and debate and site sources until the cows come home. We don't change our opinions at all, but it's entertaining. Sort of. And Bob likes it.

So sometime this weekend, I'm going to take him to the Charleston Crab House and argue politics in public with him. Maybe I'll convince him to vote for Obama. Or not.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Bob!


Anonymous said...

how did that work out?

annie kelleher said...

well happy birthday bob!!! :)