Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Morning Musings

There is a wasp in my window, apparently trapped between the glass and the screen. It has been there since yesterday. I am thinking that since it got in, it should be able to get out. Today there is a small spider trying to catch it for Sunday dinner, but the wasp just keeps pulling the web apart. I wonder how it got in. I wonder if it will get out. I wonder if the spider will have its dinner.

I have been working on my Facebook farm, sad as that is. I may go into the actual outdoors to work in my real garden. I have decided that I need bigger containers for my container garden. The squash had pretty flowers, but no fruit, which may be because the pot was too small. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for large not ugly containers like washtubs and things.

My daughter in love has returned and we are all working to help each other. My son thinks the language of psychology rings false, but I told him that for some people (like me) it was very helpful. The terms were new but intuitively right. They give someone like me a safe way to express scary feelings. I don't know if that is true for Katy, but I think it may be.

I have three and a half blogs and a Facebook page, and I share pretty much everything with the world, but I am learning to only share my stories, not other people's. Unless they piss me off. And so I will try to respect Robert & Katy's privacy, sharing only what relates directly to me. As long as it's interesting, insightful, or fills the space.

It is time for me to get going in my real world. This is what I want to do this week, other than work:
  1. get Mark tested for AAP & accepted in a middle school that doesn't teach Charlotte's Web or other books Mark read in 3rd grade in its 6th grade AAP class, in case CSI can't get enough kids to make up the 6th grade
  2. find out if we can go to the yoga class for people with depression & go if we can
  3. set up a scrapbooking group
  4. get some yarn to make a shawl
  5. plan my birthday party


Martha said...

Facebook Farm? I have a FB account, logged in like five times so I have no clue what this is?
Keeping you and Katy close in my heart and thoughts for better times ahead.

annie kelleher said...

aww... best to you and katy and rob as you work through all the stuff and hope things are better for all concerned really soon!!! xox..... annie