Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today is Thriday, which means I don't work tomorrow. Unless I decide to go in to escape the mess of work at home.

Today I work a half day in the country, then go to a meeting at the school, then go to the church to finish up. My boss will theoretically be at the country office today, which means I won't be able to break to tend my Facebook Farm or throw out a cute blog. Oh well. I'll catch up later. Since I'm only working a few hours, I can probably stand to work straight through. I may walk around the garden and get some more tomatoes and maybe some okra.

This is our family at Manassas. Do you think I can get one of those cannons for my yard? Maybe it will keep away Building inspector Odie, the City of Columbia official who has taken a personal interest in the house my son & his family live in. Before we moved out & had the house renovated, he offered Bob a fraction of the value for the house, after suggesting he could have it condemned. He has never said anything in front of witnesses, and what can we say if he comes by every week to measure the length of the grass and files a citation which is technically correct? So we keep on mowing, and have the shortest grass in the 'hood. I'll take pictures. Maybe I should send them to the mayor and ask him to get Building Inspector Odie off our back.

Off to work.

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