Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 15

Half way through the week, half way through the month. About half way through the year. Half way through life? Who knows? I don't and I'm not asking.

Yesterday the wasp lay dead in the spider's web. She hadn't spun her web around it and so it just hung there. Today it is gone. Maybe she ate it, but I don't think they eat bugs that fast. Maybe it fell down to the bottom of the window sill and I can't see it. Let me look... ew, I probably ought to clean out that window sill. That's a veritable bug banquet.

Do people clean out the space between the window and the screen? I am not sure the window will open. We pretty much go from cold to a hot humidity that will mold your socks in minutes, so open windows aren't a big deal. It's too bad, really. I can only open my windows for a day in spring and a week in the fall.

I open my windows more than most people, because I don't have a pathological fear of burglars. I hope if they come in, they will clean up a little. My unwelcome intruders come in the kitchen door, usually without an invitation. I suppose that's a duh there. If they had an invitation, would they be unwelcome? Well, in some cases, yes. Like the obligatory invitation to a relative who is hyper-critical, hyper-controlling, and hyper-bitter. I try to remember that she is a sad bitter person and I am not. Then I smile in a way that she finds really irritating and nod as she complains about my family. And I say, "Don't you worry yourself about them. You just take care of yourself" in a really sincerely concerned voice. Sincerity is great. If you can fake that, you've got it made.

Things have gotten hairy lately, and although I am relatively well physically and Not Depressed, there is just so much stuff that my defenses are wearing thin. I wish it were literal, but I don't lose weight under stress. I add on padding. Or keep it the same. I suppose that's good for my body, or it would be if I were in steerage on a long journey across the ocean after surviving a famine or living in a frozen settlement somewhere between Mattapoisett and the Head of Saint Margaret's Bay. But no, I'm living in Columbia, South Carolina with four grocery stores within walking distance (not that I walk there) and natural heat almost all year long. Oh well.

Before the ancestral/genetically fat tirade, I was going to say that I am planning to sign up for a yoga class geared toward people with depression. My daughter in love is also interested. I think I can get over my aversion to herds of human beings long enough to get some benefit and help her out too.

I've gotten four beautiful tomatoes, a green pepper, and several banana peppers from my deck garden. I have learned that bigger pots will be better for next year. I need more herbs & they will fit in the medium to large pots I have. I really need want a claw-footed bathtub. That would make a cool planter for zucchini, squash, or cucumbers... whatever that is out there.


Martha said...

You do have your share of annoying relatives, don't you?
I hope you and your DIL are doing well.

Brandy said...

I clean in between my windows and screens cause I'm grossed out by the bugs & dirt there.

But my baseboards are dusty so it all balances out.

annie kelleher said...

my personal housecleaning musts are fingerprints on the walls and dog hair off the floors. if i can keep up with that, the dishes, the laundry and the trash... i feel im keeping a clean house. i open my windows a lot and hope whatevers in there blows out :). your method for dealing with your annoying relative sounds a lot like mine for dealing iwth my grandmother!!! hang in there ... xox.... annie