Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A dream

Last night I dreamed that I visited a new friend at her house.  The house was by the ocean, which surprised me, since we live in Columbia, SC.  But this is a dream, and in my dreams, all houses are by the ocean.

While I was visiting other people came.  They were her other friends and they were bringing food and drink for a party.  It looked wonderful --- focaccia studded with chunks of yellow, red, and orange peppers; bread with chunky vegetable and cheese spreads; wines and of course, sweet tea.  At first I didn't eat because I was trying to find my son and make sure he was OK.  Then I sort of felt uncomfortable eating.  Maybe a little hurt that no one asked me to come in and eat.  Everyone was having such a good time, but I didn't know them.

When I finally decided to eat, the food had been packed up.  I got a little piece of bread and cheese, and felt very sad that I hadn't gone in earlier for more.

When everyone was gone, I saw my friend crying.  I said, "I'm sorry I didn't eat your food.  I didn't know if I was invited."

And she said, "You were here.  You didn't have to ask."

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