Friday, February 10, 2012

A meditation on rocks

God came to a woman and said, I have a job for you. 

She said, "Of course, I'll do anything." 

 God pointed to a wagon with some rocks in it... not a lot, but enough.  God said, Carry those to the top of the mountain.

She pulled the wagon and said, "This isn't really hard, are you sure this is what you want me to do?"

God nodded.

As she pulled the wagon, she passed many people.  When they heard what she was doing, they said, "Hey, I have some rocks I need to have taken, but I don't have time.  Will you just add mine?"

She thought about how God wanted her to help others, and so she said, of course.  Some added big rocks, some added small rocks, some added just a handful of sand.  But soon the wagon was overflowing and was very very hard to pull.

Finally she sat down and cried.  "God, what have you done?  How can you expect me to do ALL of this?"

God said to her, what are you doing?  What is all of this?

She said, "Rocks.  You asked me to take them.  And you asked me to help others."

God reached in and began removing the extra rocks, pebbles, and sand.  Yes, help others, but don't take on their burdens when they aren't willing to carry them themselves.  These aren't your rocks.

The woman looked at the wagon with the original rocks.  "Is that all you want me to do?"

God nodded.

The woman looked at God.  "Are you sure?"

I have been thinking about my rocks recently.  I think I've taken on too many. 

Some were my rocks but aren't any more... it's time to move on.  That is really hard for me to do.  Am I quitting?  No, I'm finished.  But it feels like quitting.  But I'm not helping as much, it doesn't feel right, I still love the rock, but it's time to put it down.

Some looked like my rocks, but I think I misunderstood.  Just because I can do something doesn't mean I should do it.  And contrary to popular opinion (mine), I'm not always right.  I'm not always the go-to girl.  Sometimes I need to let that rock go.  Lose control. 

Some are rocks others gave me because they thought I'd be good at carrying them.  They were wrong.

Some are my rocks right now, but will not be forever.

Some have been my rocks for a long time and will always be my rocks.  But now they are different (I'd do a metamorphic analogy, but that seems too hard.)  Mostly they are their own rocks.  I just have to love and admire them, I don't have to carry them anymore.

And some are my pebbles on Saturday night, but not all the time.  And those, I just love and hug and raise up with joy.

I could go on, but I think maybe I need to meditate and pray on this one.  What are my rocks?  And what aren't?  And how do I know the difference?

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Kim said...

I love this meditation. Now, I'll be thinking about all of the rocks I carry. Hmmm!