Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Procrastination meme... getting around to it

From Mimi the Queen of memes:
"Procrastination: The art of putting things off. I call it an "art" because it rears its ugly head in my life on a daily basis. Did you notice that I am writing this meme at 7:50 PM??? I rest my case."

And I, in the middle of tax season, am procrastinating searching for e-services on the IRS website, in order to answer these important questions.

1. Have you ever procrastinated about something that had life or death consequences?

Not yet.  Although the not getting the ulcers checked thing might have been important.  But probably not. 

2. What is the biggest area of procrastination in your life?

Cleaning my house... no, exercising... no, blogging... no... LIFE.

3. If you are not a procrastinator, can you give advice to the rest of us who are?

Not applicable.  Although, as a recovering procrastinator (and serious back-slider) I'll say: it doesn't get easier if you put it off, most of the time.  Sometimes it does.  So think: if I don't fix it now, will this disappear or will it turn to a putrefying pile of slime?

4. Can you think of a time when you wish you had procrastinated and NEVER done what you were waiting so long to do?

Oh yeah... the ulcer thing.  Maybe not never, but I specifically told the doctor not to cure me until I lost another 30 lbs. 

5. What are you procrastinating about right now?

A tax return that is going to turn into a putrefying pile of slime if I don't fix it soon... but there is tomorrow.  I'll start fresh, right after coffee and oatmeal!

6. Is it really ever too late to turn back now?

Not really.  Except maybe on a roller coaster. 

This actually reminds me of a story not related to procrastination.  When I got married, I insisted on a pretty big wedding (by my mother's standards) and as we got further and further into it, I became more and more stressed.  Dad said, "If you and Bob just elope, I'll give you $2000."  I said, "We can't!  It's too late to turn back now!"  And Dad said, "It was thinking like that that kept us in Vietnam so damn long."
 7. What is the cure for your wicked lazy ways?

At some point the putrefying piles of slime will become more unpleasant than taking action.  But that day is not today.


Mimi Lenox said...

I love your dad's answer to Vietnam!!! How true how true...
And thank you (not) for reminding me about the tax return pile.


Kim said...

Well, I won't delay in telling you how much I love you and your sense of humor.
Your Dad was a smart man - at least with that answer.
And I tend to procrastinate the less I have on my plate. So, I fill it right to the top.