Sunday, April 12, 2009

Morning has broken

"Yellow Morning" by A. D. Tinkham

It is Easter morning. It isn't quite bright and sunny, but the mockingbirds are singing, the dogwoods are blooming, and the Easter Bunny has been and gone.

I am making baked French toast and pineapple upside down cake for the Easter brunch at my sister's house. My brother will make bacon and eggs, Dad is making grits casserole, and my sister is making a fruit salad.

We have plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt. Joseph cleverly picked a kind that can be labeled, so each child finds his or her own eggs. We don't need to label all of them, but since Mark & Roslyn are 10 & 9 years old, and Gabe is 20 months... well you can see the problem. So we'll label the Gabe eggs and let Mark & Roslyn fight it out.

I can't wait to see Gabe's first Easter Egg Hunt!

Later this afternoon, I will go to work. I need the quiet to finish some huge tax returns. I'm so ready for Wednesday.

I had planned to think about an exit strategy for myself, but in the past few days, several of my friends and family have asked me to do their taxes and possibly take on their business accounting. There have been a few other new business inquiries as well... the ones that keep us going through out the year. In a way it's an exit strategy, because if I bring in and nurture the clients, I have a stake. My boss can't really sell the business to someone else without me being involved, and I'm not going to work for someone else.

Oh well... those are thoughts for May...


annie kelleher said...

yum!!!! sounds like a wonderful brunch is planned!!! hope you have a wonderful day... hoppy easter to you and allyou love!! xoxox.... annie

Kim said...

Happy Easter. I made baked french toast this morning too. Have a great day.

Martha said...

Best to you and your family. Happy Easter and Spring!!