Monday, April 6, 2009

10 days...

Today is the first day of Mark's spring break. TAX DAY is 10 days away. Easter is six days away.

Mark will be on the way to DC in a couple of hours, along with his grandparents, his aunt, and two girl cousins. It will be a wonderful trip. Bob's father has arranged tours of both the White House and the Capitol. He is looking forward to the Museum of Natural History or "the rocks." His older brothers went with their grandparents when they were about his age, and my mother-in-law is very excited. I'm excited for them.

He has new pants & socks, clean shirts and underwear, and new pajamas. He usually sleeps in his clothes, but I thought the family would freak about that. His pj bottoms are Mario Brothers and the top says "Do not disturb." He seems pretty happy with it. He also has four disposable cameras, a book, a journal, and his DS game system. I asked him to call me in the evenings just because.

Joseph has to take care of Bob's car today. Last night, a lady hit him as he headed home. She drifted into his lane, then said he had been in the turn lane. Joseph goes through that intersection several times a day. I know he didn't accidentally get in the right turn lane. Then the lady said he had someone else with him & that that person ran away. Not true, but a strange thing to say. Anyway, the police couldn't make a determination so they wrote that both were at fault but didn't give any tickets. They told Joseph his story made sense, but they weren't equipped to make the decision. She had a bunch of kids in the car who would have sworn whatever she wanted, so what can they do?

No one is hurt. Our car is damaged --- a blown tire and bent rim, and a driver's side door that needs to be fixed. Joseph apologized, but Bob told him he didn't need to. He was driving home at a reasonable hour (10:30), he had not been drinking or anything, he remained calm & handled the whole stressful situation very well.

I meant to go to St. M's this morning, but I was too damn tired. It looks like I won't be replaced before the end of tax season, but I'm not able to give them my best. I hate that. But when I went to St. M's from 6 to 8 a.m., then went to the main job from 9 to 6, I was dead by 3 p.m. I really couldn't do what needed to be done. I'm going tonight, after I go to the eye doctor and order new glasses.

Did I mention that the super glue gave way on my glasses & the left lens is now held on with tape? Maybe I'll see if I can get some red electrical tape to hold it until the new glasses come in. Now it's Scotch tape and people are looking at me in that funny way --- you know, when you look at someone but don't look at them? And you talk to someone without looking her in the eye (or broken glasses)? It's interesting.

I miss writing my blogs. Next week... or maybe the next. It takes awhile to recover from tax season. I have all those 1040s & 1120s to mount on my wall....


Martha said...

You have been busy, sorry about the broken glasses. Sorry about the car accident, some people are clueless drivers.

Kim said...

I'm exhausted for you. It will be over soon. Glad no one was hurt in the car accident. Maybe some gray duck tape and make them really look.