Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time off

Germaine Greer said that household chores expand to fill the time you have, so in fact, you are never ever finished. And the more time you have, the more THINGS need to be done.

This week I am sort of off work. The blank calendar page that I see before me is very quickly filling with chores and meetings and THINGS that want to be done.

This weekend, I managed to clean the fridge. Not the freezer, just the fridge. But the fridge is nice.

Yesterday, when I got home from work (there were things to do), I cleaned the bathroom closet. It was pretty satisfying. I put all medicines in a cute little container I already had, after throwing out the medicines that had expired. I put all of the lotions I've gotten over the years in one of my Mary Kay bags. The hair conditioner that comes with the hair dye that I DON'T USE all went into another bag. I threw out the sugar scrubs that became rancid about a minute after I opened them. (What made me think I'd like grapefruit peach more than once?) I sorted and cleaned the make up, washed all the towels and sheets that had ended up tossed to the dusty top shelf and lost. I found a couple of rolls of toilet paper hidden in the back. I threw out the sheet that the cat had kittens on.

I really haven't finished because I didn't touch the drawers, but Robert & Katy brought Brendon & Gabe over, and I have my priorities in order. The three of us went in the back yard. Gabe played ball while Brendon and I listened to the wind. We watched a medium sized black bird chase a hawk away from her nest. Of maybe she was just picking on him. We ate chive blossoms (only one each) and threw magnolia leaves off the deck. I love a kid who cleans. He gets that from his mama's side.

Today, I'm training my replacement at the church. It won't be hard, I'm sure. I need to think about the CSI board meeting tonight, the meeting with the District Superintendent tomorrow and the food for Dad's party next Saturday. And I need to clean up.

Off I go...


annie kelleher said...

have a wonderful day and good for you for cleaning out that cupboard!!! i went through my sock basket yesterday... what a satisfying thing to get done that ws!

Martha said...

Great post and you are motivating me to clean up my bathroom cabinets, pronto!