Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday morning and I ain't got nobody

It is Saturday morning and I am reading blogs, playing Scramble on Facebook, making to-do lists for my family, and thinking about getting ready for work.

My to do list is simple: clean the public areas of the house, as if we were going to have company. I'm not asking much, company level 2. My sister or brother. Level 1 is my niece or my children. That's not really clean, just get the crap off the floor. Level 3 is Bob's parents. That's when you open cabinets and clean. So level 2 shouldn't be too much.

Yesterday, I benefited from the weak economy by buying a bunch of books at a Waldenbooks that is going out of business. I couldn't afford it, but then at 40% off, I couldn't afford NOT to buy them. (If my husband is reading this, he is rolling his eyes.) I did get a couple of books I probably would have bought anyway. Other than that, I grabbed books I probably should have gotten from the library. Oh well. Maybe I'll have a book yard sale in the spring.

In general, tax season is in swing, although not what I'd call "full swing." My cold is gone, leaving only a hacking cough behind. It's supposed to be warm and rainy today. Maybe we'll have clients who are willing to come out in the rain.

Off to work...


Kim said...

I'm glad you are feeling better.

Never, never, never apologise for buying books - the bookaholic said.

Thank you so much for sharing your story in your comment on my blog.

annie kelleher said...

yeah, what kim said!!! and thanks for all your nice comments on mine!!!!