Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs of Spring

Spring didn't slip in this weekend, it burst on the scene with flowers and birds and a very high pollen count.

Aside from the pollen which has everyone gazing through crusty eyes at the lovely flowers, there are other signs of spring.

The dogwoods are blooming, poor things. I hope we don't have another freeze.
The azaleas are beginning to bloom, a sure sign there will be another freeze.
The daffodils are actually passed... we have had a weird winter.

And of course, my local roadside produce tent opened this week. Right now, they have mostly tomatoes, citrus, and potatoes, but just wait!!!!! I'm so excited.

I think I'll plant something.


Kim said...

Oh, how exciting. My flowers are just poking through the earth.

Martha said...

It sounds lovely except for the pollen.