Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brought to you by the letter "K"

I am feeling guilty about not writing. I think I've mentioned the old "tax season" excuse. I'll add a small ocular migraine excuse. And a complete lack of quality sleep excuse. Anyway, that's enough of that.

Annie pulled out this pass along game, so I decided to give it a shot. You have to answer these questions with an answer using the first letter of your name. You can't use the same word twice and you can't use your name as the boy or girl's name. Since my name is Kathy with a K and there are only about 10 words that start with K, I may regret this. But here goes.

1.What is your name? Kathy
2. A four letter word? Kiln
3. A boys name? Keith
4. A girls name? Kelly
5. An occupation? Knitter (not to be confused with the hooker)
6. A character? King Arthur
7. Something you wear? Knee-socks
8. A food? Kisses
9. Something in your bathroom? Kitten (I am not kidding)
10. A place? Kenya
11. A reason for been late? Kinko's had a pen sale.
12. Something you'd shout? Keep the &*(% off my lawn, you miserable little wretches!
13. A movie title? King Kong
14. Something you'd drink? Kool aid
15. A musical group? Kinks
16. An animal? Koala
17. A street name? King Street, Charleston, SC
18. A type of car? K-car (remember those?)
19. A song title? King Tut

I think I cheated, since I used a variation of king several times. Oh well. Sue me.

Back to work....


Kim said...

My parents had a K-Car when I was in high school - how embarrassing. Hmm, if I do I'd have to come up with different K words than you - oh no.

Martha said...

Really "Kute", sorry, couldn't resist.

annie kelleher said...

hahaha this is GReAT!!!!! ty for sharing... less than a month of tax time to go!!!!

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