Sunday, March 1, 2009


Kim, at The Diary of a Wicked Stepmom has given me an award. It's for uplifting & other good stuff, and I am honored. Since Kim is one of the people who lifts me up, it means all the more. I am to send this on. I am sending it to at least one person who has already received a few of these, because she also lifts me up.

To Annie who has a bunch of awards, and deserves them.

To Lydia, who doesn't blog a lot, but is a great friend:

To Carolyn, who always gives even when she needs to take support:

To Jaci, who makes me laugh every day:

To Lynnette, who also already has this, but still, sometimes you just gotta give someone another award!:

and to Dina, who always makes me think, and in a good way:

And Kim, even though you sent this to me, I have to regift. Thank you.

To those who received the award, pass it on, put it on the mantel piece, hold it in your heart. Thank you all.


annie kelleher said...

you are so sweet!!!! thank you so mcuh... i have to do a post about my awards!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award, hun!

Kim said...

Thanks so much - a regift that I really enjoy! It's amazing the love and support I've found through blogs! Hope all is well!

Dina said...

thank you so much!!! this is my first award, i am so happy!!!