Friday, March 20, 2009

The Garden

I am working on my imaginary garden, which may or may not become the real garden. I am wishing I had the creativity to take "found" objects and make a nice planter garden and not a junkyard with flowering weeds. And so, I need to find large containers that look nice and don't cost a bundle.

This weekend, I am going to plant some seeds in my cardboard egg cartons and hope to get a jump on the herb garden. I'd plant outside, since it is in the high 60s, but last year there was a hard freeze at Easter. Anyway, I like the planter idea, since I don't really have space for a yard garden. And I hate digging up the yard.

I'm off to work. Thinking of a garden...


Dina said...

i have started my seeds inside like you it can frost through may i must be patient although we have had a really warm winter. i too would like some more containers but i never have any luck finding them on craigslist etc....i did read an article and then saw it in recycle your wine bottles and pop them in upside down to make little fences and circles around your stuff. i am gonna try it this year.

Martha said...

My wildflower seeds are sprouting on our side yard. I can't wait to see the poppies, alyssum, and Indian paint flower bloom.
Are there any flea markets or swap meets nearby? I've gotten great planters on the cheap there.