Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time out

I am not going on & on today. I am too tired even to complain and whine. I am taking off tomorrow. I will catch up on my other jobs and my house. And maybe, me. I haven't decided whether to just say, "I'm taking off" or to claim illness. If I claim illness, I will probably get sick. It's in my nature. I feel guilty for lying, so I make it not a lie. Sad. So I'll probably say I am taking the day off and if he complains, I'll tell him to kiss my ass, I'm going to go work for the SC Employment Security Commission and hunt down the greedy SOBs who pay their employees as contract labor so the employee gets stuck with a 15% self employment tax. But that's just a pipe dream. The state isn't hiring.

When I agreed to be scheduled for all open hours (9-6 M-Th, 9-5 F, 9-1 Saturday) I really thought he understood I wouldn't actually be there all those hours. I'd make sure it was covered and take off to do things that need doing in life. Shopping, cooking, going to my son's music program. Instead, he has scaled DOWN his time at that office ("I need to be flexible" --- to see his grandson's play baseball), while if I need to run out, I am letting him down.

Oh, crap... that's going on and on, isn't it? OK, well I won't go on and on about how his idea of me being the office manager is that he calls me every hour (and on Sunday afternoon) and tells me to tell people things, he leaves me lists to do (I really hate that), he switches every decision I make, and that he wants me to do the crap things he hates to do.

And I won't go on and on about how he said I should put in "extra time" on the weekend to do the work that requires concentration, while still working 5 1/2 days a week doing every damn thing on all of the damn lists...

I'm sure you are glad I have spared you...

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Kim said...

Take the day off and turn off the phone. Enjoy!!