Friday, March 13, 2009

The Zest Green Terry Cloth Tube Dress

Many years ago, my grandmother gave me a dress for my birthday. I was about 17 and although I was not as fat as I thought I was, I was not skinny. Part of the problem (as I saw it) was the boobs, which were all I saw when I looked down. And so, my grandmother may she continue to rest in peace, whose fashion sense was ... well, hers, gave me a size 7 terry cloth tube dress. A Zest green terry cloth tube dress. I tried it on, and I looked like a Zest green terry cloth sausage. I smiled and said "How thoughtful!" because even then you could take me out in public.

I got home and put it away, which is what I do with things. About four years later, I took out the Zest green terry cloth tube dress still in it's original box and wrapped it in (new) birthday paper. I made a birthday cake, and took both of them to my friend Courtney for her birthday (March 12). She loved the cake and laughed hysterically at the dress. Then she said, "How thoughtful!" because she, too, knows how to act.

My birthday came on July 30, and Courtney gave me a lovely, thoughtful gift. A newly wrapped Zest green terry cloth tube dress.

Courtney & I passed the dress back and forth for several years. When we drifted in different directions, as buddies often do, she had the dress. Imagine my joy when after several years without seeing her, she dropped by on my birthday with a present.

The dress is somewhere in my shed, I think. It may or may not be in it's same box. Although I've missed Courtney's birthday this year, I may see if I can dig it up for next year. It's not every day that you find a friend who knows the proper response to receiving a Zest green terry cloth tube dress. "How thoughtful!"

Happy birthday to Courtney. I hope this is a joyous year.


Martha said...

Happy Birthday Courtney!
Great story, a green tube dress, Wow, that's just criminal.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Courtney! You made me smile. It is only someone truely special you can pass a green terry cloth tube dress back and forth with. What joy grandma gave to you in that gift - even if it is not how she intended it.

TomScot said...

I couldn't stop laughing as I read your blog. It reminds me of my aunts who always gave me socks that I wouldn't have worn to a dog fight. It was so difficult to smile and I felt so phony saying, "How did you know, these are just what I needed." Ugh! I feel what you were saying. Thanks for putting a great bit of humor in my day!