Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Let me begin by saying that I abso-freaking-lutely HATE daylight savings time. What kind of weird hybrid of government, science, and banking conspired to come up with this idea? Does anyone really believe that any daylight is saved? Didn't they pay attention to all that stuff in school about the Earth's rotation and axis and seasons and stuff?

Many years ago, one of our SC Congressmen spoke out against daylight savings time. He said that if there were more daylight hours, the crops would burn in the fields. Since the man didn't know the meaning of the word "irony" (or many other words), we think he was serious.

Back then, the argument was about saving energy. Is energy saved? I don't see how, since I have to turn on the lights in the morning when I get up. And I spend the day in an office with more natural light than most, but still have the lights on. And then I go home and close the blinds and go to sleep. My brain is screaming that it is warmer and there should be light --- real light. My mind is saying, go to sleep, it's still tax season.

The only time that daylight savings time didn't bother me was when my oldest son was a baby. He had been born on January 10 and lived on his own schedule. (Still does, but that's another issue.) Since I was able to stay home with him, I also lived on his schedule. Robert didn't care what the clock said, he woke up when he was ready. Once the clocks changed, his wake up was an hour later and OH JOY!!! so was mine.

Babies and burning crops aside, who does this help?

All I can think is that it is a part of the factorization of the United States. We send children to school to learn to sit still and follow bells. Reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic aside, the main point of modern education is to civilize children so they can sit still for hours in a factory job and get to work on time. The main point of daylight savings time is to twist the natural flow of light and dark, spring and fall, warm and cold, so we can work all the damn time.


Kim said...

It is an outdated practice to help the farmers so I'm told. It is totally a waste. Now, I get up and leave for work in the dark. Ugh!

Martha said...

Amen, I am so with you on Daylight Savings Time.
Thank you for your comment and great idea on my blog!